On the Appian way, speed thrills!

It’s now been a couple of months since we undertook a major transformation and aligned Persistent Systems to focus on four major growth areas; Digital, Services, IBM and Accelerite. I’m already [...]


WARNING!!! @LinkedIn is making you look like a phony! Don’t be a Replica!

Go ahead and click the like button on this post. You won’t offend me and in fact I’d like that. Do it now. You know what, feel free to comment on the post. I’d love to see what you have to say. [...]


Let Data Flow Securely through the Lake

In the previous blog post, Avadhoot Agasti introduced the data lake and described how the formation of a data lake aims to solve the impedance mismatch and bridge the gap between data producers [...]


If your CEO is on “Undercover Boss,” RUN!!! You’re working for the wrong company

One of the best things about my job, working at Persistent Systems, is I work for a CEO who can never, ever appear on the CBS show “Undercover Boss.”  Whew!  More on that below. So, I was [...]


Transforming Ed Tech – 5 Technology Trends in the Education Sector

“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.” It has taken a while for the digital transformation wave to reach the shores of the education sector, which [...]


How to Avoid Estimate Inflation

Mike Cohn recently wrote about preventing estimate inflation in Agile teams. I’m in agreement with Mike that estimate inflation commonly comes from a team being pressured to deliver more points [...]