Should CEOs care about software?

You might have seen the commercials making the rounds. It says, “You are the CEO.” A couple of CEOs discuss what could get them fired these days. It paints a rather foreboding image [...]


Digital Transformation propelled by Gamification

Digital transformation is all about creating new business models and interesting customer journeys while leveraging cutting edge digital technologies with an aim to expedite delivery of products [...]


Data Exploration: finding the treasure in the Data Lake


Is Technology changing Evolution Paradigm?

(Topic presented as part of Tedx Nagpur event: http://TEDxNagpur.in) Today, we are experiencing the biggest revolution in the history of huankind due to digital technologies. In last 25 years, [...]


Lost In Transmission

I recently read two very interesting books, one on Elon Musk, the founder CEO of Tesla and the other titled “ The Founders Mentality”. One of the things the book on Musk talks about his passion [...]


Creating Persona-lized Experiences

How do organizations that have an incredible amount of online content, ensure that the experience that they provide to you is highly personal to you and make you feel that they really care about [...]


Effective Data Governance is the key for controlling and trusting data quality of the Data Lake

Does data governance bring more control to data producers or provide trusted data to business leaders? Often data governance is misinterpreted as just being a policing act. Why does data need to [...]


Simplification and cost savings with Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)


How of Digital Transformation: Compelling Experiences, Delivered@Speed

Over 40% of the S&P 500 companies that comprised the index in 2005 do not find a place in it in 2015! That’s a combined market value of a trillion dollars (minimum value of $5.3Bn per [...]


Tags – First (read: FAST) step to Discover, Explore and Enrich your Data Lake!

Have you faced these or similar situations? You decided to build a distributed data warehouse containing terabytes (TBs) of data. Data consumers are now asking for different insights and the [...]

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