Continuous transformation by Design!

Continuous transformation has been the hallmark of our journey over the last 25 years. Starting out with a small team focused on working on database internals, we have transformed into a global [...]


Remembering my friend Mike Kerr and the Candle of Happiness


Joining Forces with IBM to Lead the IoT Revolution

  Despite the risk of adding to what’s become expected breathless IT industry hyperbole, it is my belief that IoT is nothing short of the 21st century equivalent of the Industrial [...]


How do CEOs think?

I travel regularly to meet our customers. Normally, we work with the VP Engineering and the CTO of product Companies. I meet them regularly and most of the time our meetings are technical [...]


How did we deal with the down market?

After the market slowed down in October 2008, many of our customers decided to reduce their burn-rates and this decision impacted our business. While it was tempting to go out and look for new [...]


Sorry for not having updated the blog

Seasons’ Greetings to all of you. It has been some time since I updated my blog and I thought of taking advantage of Diwali season to revive the blog.


Ram Charan's Practical Advices In The Era Of Economic Uncertainty

I am a big fan of Ram Charan’s books and have read every single one. Sometime back, I read his latest – Leadership in the Era of Economic Uncertainty. This is an excellent book and [...]


Collaboration In The Enterprise: What's New?

I would like to congratulate the organizers of the CSI India IT2020 conference in Mumbai for organizing the event despite all odds. They had a registration of more than 350 people and the event [...]


Persistent Wins The NASSCOM Innovation Award 2008

I had written on December 19, 2008 in my post – Powering Business Through Innovation that we were the top 5 finalists for the NASSCOM Innovation Award. I am very pleased to note that we [...]


Innovations, Entrepreneurs & Stories Of Their Early Days: On My Trip To Nagpur

I attended the TiE Nagpur event which was held on Feb 2-3. Prof. C.K. Prahalad was the keynote speaker. His talks are always extremely thought provoking. He talked about India @75 and how [...]

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