How I am becoming a clinical algorithm

My work as a clinician centered on laboratories growing human embryos that would eventually make its way into the woman’s uterus. This technology that is routinely used to achieve pregnancies in [...]


Digital healthcare: Should doctors learn to code?

The title of this blog suggests what many would consider as unreasonable. Doctors already spend years trying to become an expert at treating patients. I should know better than to suggest making [...]


Connected Healthcare – More Ben Franklin, Fewer Benjamins!

Since the earliest days of the America republic, Health Care has been at the center of the national conversation.  Just think of founding father Benjamin Franklin exhorting “An apple a day helps [...]


The 2 ingredients powering next generation community healthcare

  It was 2011 and the readmission penalties were a year away. We were unsure of how exactly this would affect us but we knew that learning to reduce readmission would better prepare us for [...]


Making Connected Healthcare Work

What does technology really cost? If you have ever bought a costly smartphone you would know that by the end of the day it definitely ends up costing more than the price you paid for the phone. [...]


The Gospel of Digital Health, according to someone who has seen all sides

The word digital has successfully made its way into healthcare but has brought with it not just hope but also a lot of clutter. There is a lot of good news but health IT evangelists have, in my [...]


Exponential Healthcare

There are essentially two types of improvement strategies in most healthcare organizations. The first approach updates or enhances existing processes and systems.  By design, this can only bring [...]


Health Cloud to Power New Clinical Models

The new Health Cloud offering from Salesforce is a bold step that will help take healthcare further into the post EMR world. In this post I will try to explain how such cloud platforms can [...]