Digital and the WOW Factor of Customer Service

1.5 TRILLION dollars (yes, with a T!). This is the cost of customer churn in the US, as stated in a recent study that also reports that 50% of customers stop doing business with companies due to [...]


“Helping people live longer, healthier and bring joy into our life” Dr. Rab, VP & CIO Hackensack University Medical

Wow. Thank you Dr. Rab, because I don’t think we can find a better way to describe the power of digital. In the last few months I’ve talked a lot about health care and the potential benefits that [...]


Software 4.0 in action! At last – the 360 degree view of patient engagement in the cloud!


Dream a little Dream…force…Dreamforce!

OK, I know over the years everyone has tortured to death plays on “dream” for Dreamforce… But I love an excuse to link this Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald song, so you’re welcome! Go ahead [...]

The Starship Enterprise, Salesforce and Persistent Healthcare – Dammit Jim, I’m a doctor not a software developer!


The what & why of digital transformation are obvious, the secret lies in “HOW”!!

Over 40% of S&P 500 companies in 2005 find no place in 2015 list, a trillion dollars of market value impacted in 10 years. The size as much as the speed of this change is noteworthy. The only [...]


How of Digital Transformation: Compelling Experiences, Delivered@Speed

Over 40% of the S&P 500 companies that comprised the index in 2005 do not find a place in it in 2015! That’s a combined market value of a trillion dollars (minimum value of $5.3Bn per [...]


On the Appian way, speed thrills!

It’s now been a couple of months since we undertook a major transformation and aligned Persistent Systems to focus on four major growth areas; Digital, Services, IBM and Accelerite. I’m already [...]


2016, People Power Transformation

  As I wrote about last month, transformation is, well, transforming how we do everything. Now that may sound overly clever, but my point is we can’t continue to do things the old way and [...]


Scrooge vs Grinch for a Christmas of Transformation!

This morning, I read Jonathan Becher’s following post on business transformation through culture  as opposed to technology and it set me [...]