The BIG SHIFT – Who will invest in your skill development?

In one of my previous blogs, I had talked about certain indicators that one should look for when choosing a prospective employer. There were a couple of points about the prospective employer’s [...]


Social Media in the Corporation, Proceed with Care

In my earlier blog, I had talked about leveraging social media techniques for employee engagement with millennials and how corporates can benefit by this. In this blog, I will talk about some of [...]


Employee Engagement: The Real Social Network

Never in the history of mankind have we seen a more socially connected and technologically savvy generation as the millenials. Their new approach to communication and the speed with which it [...]


LiNC’14 Wrap Up : 3 days of AWESOME

We are awesomely proud to have been the Platinum sponsor at LiNC 2014! This was the 4th year, CloudSquads – now part of Persistent Systems – has participated at the show and each year [...]


Grab another Slice of Pizza with that Code

We love hackathons they’re the embodiment of the technology spirit of creating and tearing down and creating again to get to something great. This week we were the title sponsor for the [...]


Choosing the Right Enterprise Integration Framework

Over the years, enterprises have built or licensed many different systems to serve specific business needs. And, in order to best leverage these systems, point-to-point integration architecture [...]


Interesting uses of Enterprise Social Networks

Enterprise Social Networks keep employees better engaged, resulting in an increase of connectedness in the workplace, resulting in better collaboration amongst dispersed teams. In an enterprise [...]


PersisTrends Technology and Recommendations

It is that time of the year where we look back at the past year and await for the New Year to begin. Recently, we have seen a technological upheaval on various fronts. Consider these: The global [...]


Shifting Sands: New Enterprise Architecture

The technology winds are blowing rapidly and like the shifting sands; the architecture of entire enterprises is being rewritten. In an attempt to explain these changes, I have created the diagram [...]


Understanding and Managing Entropy in Enterprise Collaboration Portals

Entropy is defined as a measurement of disorder or randomness. Systems tend towards a state of higher entropy (hence more disorder and chaos) from one of lower entropy. It is widely believed that [...]

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