File organization for Data Lake

Data Lake is becoming a natural way to architect large datasets and processing around it. As we saw in our earlier blog, Data Lake hosts enormous amount of data. Hence organizing this data is of [...]


Data Replication and Change Data Capture in AWS Data Lake

This blog is part of the technical blog series initiated by my colleagues at Persistent. Here are the quick links of previous blogs Data Lake in AWS Cloud, Data Lake Architecture in AWS Cloud, [...]


Data Lake Architecture in AWS Cloud

In my last blog, I talked about why cloud is the natural choice for implementing new age data lakes. In this blog, I will try to double click on ‘how’ part of it. At Persistent, we have been [...]


To Data Lake or Not To Data Lake

Very often, we get requests from our customers for workshops on Data Lake. We discuss whether to create a data lake, are there adequate use cases, the technology stack decisions for building the [...]


Data Lake in AWS Cloud

It has been three years since we (the architect community at Persistent), published a series of blogs detailing our views on Data Lakes – these blogs covered the why, the what and the how of the [...]


AWS re:Invent 2018 – My Key Takeaways

My reflections post the AWS re:Invent 2018 conference in Vegas had me convinced of the need to share a few key takeaways. This blog covers the relevant insights gathered from the conference and [...]


Enhancing IBM Datacap with Watson’s machine learning capabilities

IBM® Datacap’s ability to capture, recognize and classify a wide variety of unstructured document types—and more importantly, identify and extract the important information within those [...]


Digital Transformation fueled by data monetization: Internal and External

I got a call from an events marketing company yesterday and we spoke about data monetization and how more and more CEOs expect their CIOs and LOBs to launch data powered products. Not surprising! [...]


Miss the “C” Word and be doomed

Secure SDLC in the PCI DSS Ver 3.2 Ambit: “Compliance Management ( the “C” Word) I recently attended a conference where a discussion started on how the PCI DSS Standard meshed [...]


Migration of Data Warehouses to the Cloud

By now, the cloud has become a well settled deployment option for business applications. Among it’s many benefits, it provides an excellent ground for basing the business intelligence [...]

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