AWS re:Invent 2018 – My Key Takeaways

My reflections post the AWS re:Invent 2018 conference in Vegas had me convinced of the need to share a few key takeaways. This blog covers the relevant insights gathered from the conference and [...]


A data driven analysis – How to excel at Olympics

A lot is being written about how ‘Digital’ is impacting and shaping the world around us. Everyone realizes ‘Digital’ is the way forward including the Government of India. A trending topic doing [...]


Connected Healthcare – More Ben Franklin, Fewer Benjamins!

Since the earliest days of the America republic, Health Care has been at the center of the national conversation.  Just think of founding father Benjamin Franklin exhorting “An apple a day helps [...]


Data Exploration: finding the treasure in the Data Lake


Effective Data Governance is the key for controlling and trusting data quality of the Data Lake

Does data governance bring more control to data producers or provide trusted data to business leaders? Often data governance is misinterpreted as just being a policing act. Why does data need to [...]


Tags – First (read: FAST) step to Discover, Explore and Enrich your Data Lake!

Have you faced these or similar situations? You decided to build a distributed data warehouse containing terabytes (TBs) of data. Data consumers are now asking for different insights and the [...]


Let Data Flow Securely through the Lake

In the previous blog post, Avadhoot Agasti introduced the data lake and described how the formation of a data lake aims to solve the impedance mismatch and bridge the gap between data producers [...]


DataLake Implementation – Is it purely a Technology Play?

In my last blog, I talked about how easy it was to implement a SingleX layer on top of APIs exposed by different underlying ‘data’ systems. The SingleX (or SameX) initiatives in enterprises are [...]


First Among Equals

Data driven Politics The US Presidential election has the highest of stakes. And it is no wonder that technology plays an integral part in the game. Social data was billed as the winner of the [...]

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