5 Ways how technology is the Superhero India needs


Digital Transformation fueled by data monetization: Internal and External

I got a call from an events marketing company yesterday and we spoke about data monetization and how more and more CEOs expect their CIOs and LOBs to launch data powered products. Not surprising! [...]


Miss the “C” Word and be doomed

Secure SDLC in the PCI DSS Ver 3.2 Ambit: “Compliance Management ( the “C” Word) I recently attended a conference where a discussion started on how the PCI DSS Standard meshed [...]


Migration of Data Warehouses to the Cloud

By now, the cloud has become a well settled deployment option for business applications. Among it’s many benefits, it provides an excellent ground for basing the business intelligence [...]


A New Kind of Commute – Data Architecture in the Cloud

Before I get into the technical aspects of this post, a quick observation about life in Pune. I grew up there and I love it. Not that long ago, the city was relatively small (by India standards) [...]


HDap (Hadoop Deployment Automation by Persistent)

Our experience of installing, configuring and maintaining hundreds of Big Data setups over the last few years has made the importance of and ability to perform multiple tasks really clear. Though [...]


A data driven analysis – How to excel at Olympics

A lot is being written about how ‘Digital’ is impacting and shaping the world around us. Everyone realizes ‘Digital’ is the way forward including the Government of India. A trending topic doing [...]


Connected Healthcare – More Ben Franklin, Fewer Benjamins!

Since the earliest days of the America republic, Health Care has been at the center of the national conversation.  Just think of founding father Benjamin Franklin exhorting “An apple a day helps [...]


Data Exploration: finding the treasure in the Data Lake


Effective Data Governance is the key for controlling and trusting data quality of the Data Lake

Does data governance bring more control to data producers or provide trusted data to business leaders? Often data governance is misinterpreted as just being a policing act. Why does data need to [...]

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