Back with a Bang – Edition II of Smart India Hackathon

The world’s biggest open innovation model is back for the second year running and HOW!!! It’s not just the Software Edition this time but a Hardware one as well. While that is slated for a little [...]


Precision Health Systems, The S curve in Healthcare Transformation

Sooner or later, all businesses, even the most successful, run out of room to grow. Faced with this unpleasant reality, they are compelled to reinvent themselves periodically. The ability to pull [...]


Innovating At Warp Speed

With 2017 behind us, my 2020 high beams are revealing a blistering pace of change for business and information technology leaders in 2018. This pivotal year of digital transformation will [...]


Blaze your Trail – Insights from DF17

You can like It, love it, hate it but you can’t ignore it- that’s Dreamforce for you. One of the largest software conferences in the world. As it goes every year, this year too was no different [...]


Message in a (Chat)bottle

In the continued march to replace all humans with machines (we are partly joking, but only partly), chatbots and virtual assistants represent a great example. They may not yet make babies, but at [...]


Increasing Patient access and Patient Centeredness through Cognitive Search


Enhancing Millennials’ Engagement with Banks

Meet Elle Johnson, 25 year old Graphics Designer at an advertising firm. She is an avid social media user, rookie photographer, and adventure traveler! Elle has a popular Instagram account with [...]


The Transformational Journey of Customer Service

You think you’ve had customers who complain forever. Ha! That clay tablet pictured up there is the first ever documented customer complaint. Nanni, an ancient Babylonian customer in 1750 B.C. [...]


Digital and the WOW Factor of Customer Service

1.5 TRILLION dollars (yes, with a T!). This is the cost of customer churn in the US, as stated in a recent study that also reports that 50% of customers stop doing business with companies due to [...]


5 Ways how technology is the Superhero India needs