“Humanoid Concierge Using Watson IoT” earns Persistent Systems an Innovation Award from IBM UKI Region

Nayan Kale, Associate Vice President with Persistent Systems, accepts the First Place Award in the Innovation category for “Humanoid Concierge Using Watson IoT” from Paul Brown, Vice President of [...]


Enhancing Agile environment through Innovation Games

Have you ever experienced a dull Sprint Retrospection meeting where team members were not speaking up and sharing their thoughts/ideas freely? Generating new inputs & ideas is always a [...]


Industrial IoT – Instrumentation and Connectivity challenges

(This is the second article in the series on Industrial IoT challenges. The first article is here.) For IIoT implementations, one of the first hurdles is at the point where it all starts – the [...]


Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Challenges

The advent of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is being dubbed as Industry 4.0 or the 4th industrial revolution. According to a McKinsey report, this revolution is well underway, with an [...]


What is IoT, really?

What is IoT, really? A simple question like that incites a wide range of responses from vague like ‘it is about connecting things, gathering data and doing something with it!’ to convinced ones [...]


Release planning, and executing in projects that use Scrum

The popularity of Agile processes is increasing lately in the delivery of IT projects. Among many Agile Processes Scrum process framework stands apart, which is evident by 94% respondents to [...]


Measuring ROI of Agile Transformation

Have you experienced a lot of hype about using Agile and subsequent challenges in justifying the outcome achieved due to Agile adoption? In many organizations, Agile transformation starts with a [...]


Enhancing IBM Datacap with Watson’s machine learning capabilities

IBM® Datacap’s ability to capture, recognize and classify a wide variety of unstructured document types—and more importantly, identify and extract the important information within those [...]


5 Ways how technology is the Superhero India needs