What drives ‘YOU’ to work – Money, Mastery or Meaning?

We all have different motivations to work. For most of us we can’t deny it’s a need to earn money for life. For some, it’s a way to practice the skills to develop mastery. And for a lucky few [...]


Women Leaders: Conquer biases and march on!

A normal day in life can turn out to be very inspiring when you meet and spend time with a great leader. That’s how it happened with us (women @Persistent) when our Chief Customer Officer, [...]


5 lessons about customer engagement learnt from the other side of the table

When one is working in IT services industry, issues arising due to poor customer engagement and weak customer relationship are very common. Managers often spent most of their time in fighting [...]


New rules of the game of service delivery by Digital Transformation!

We are starting to see significant shifts in how customers are sourcing and looking for service delivery models that combine proximity, innovation, agility and cross-skilled talent. This is a [...]


The year that was…

The Company continued to maintain its growth momentum during FY 2015-16 by registering revenue of ₹ 23,123.31M (USD 351.65M) against ₹ 18,912.52M (USD 308.54M) for FY 2014-15. The revenues [...]


Software development and product engineering – Persistent Systems DNA

The ability to continuously transform itself by design applies to Persistent in the same way as it applies to customers in their digital transformation journey. The career experience of our [...]


Unlocking the potential of the Internet of Things with IBM

Internet of Things (IoT) will accelerate digital transformation in our lives and across industries. Experiences are becoming pervasive and moving beyond computers or smart phones to wearables and [...]


Is Technology changing Evolution Paradigm?

(Topic presented as part of Tedx Nagpur event: http://TEDxNagpur.in) Today, we are experiencing the biggest revolution in the history of huankind due to digital technologies. In last 25 years, [...]


Lost In Transmission

I recently read two very interesting books, one on Elon Musk, the founder CEO of Tesla and the other titled “ The Founders Mentality”. One of the things the book on Musk talks about his passion [...]


WARNING!!! @LinkedIn is making you look like a phony! Don’t be a Replica!

Go ahead and click the like button on this post. You won’t offend me and in fact I’d like that. Do it now. You know what, feel free to comment on the post. I’d love to see what you have to say. [...]