Measuring ROI of Agile Transformation

Have you experienced a lot of hype about using Agile and subsequent challenges in justifying the outcome achieved due to Agile adoption? In many organizations, Agile transformation starts with a [...]


What Patterns Count – Where Are 10x or 10% Gains Coming From?

What patterns count is a great question and the answer entirely depends on the context. Visual patterns provide safety in nature; consider the zebra on the African plains or the chameleon that [...]


Agile Transformation: Product Backlog Of An Agile Practitioner

Agile is hard, no secret about it, especially for organizations that goes through transformation journey of traditional to agile. Not every transformation is successful. Many transformation [...]


How to Avoid Estimate Inflation

Mike Cohn recently wrote about preventing estimate inflation in Agile teams. I’m in agreement with Mike that estimate inflation commonly comes from a team being pressured to deliver more points [...]


Accelerate Or Drag Your Organization?

The old saying, “You are what you eat,” or is it, “You are what you measure?” Life is just too confusing sometimes! The point is every organization needs to have an understanding where they are. [...]


Focus On What Is Important

The agile stuff we typically think of is; sprints, standups and user stories to name a few. Those things are the mechanics of how product teams organize their efforts; they are not agile. Agile [...]


Agile and the Art of Motor Cycle Maintenance

I ride a Moto Guzzi motorcycle, pictured above. I love it. I am hooked. The exhilaration of being at one with the road, the sensory input and the feeling of freedom is the addiction that hooks [...]


Sprinting Through Hurdles

The commonality between a Hurdle Race in athletics and Hurdles (also called as Impediments/blockers)in Scrum is that, in both, you are not a winner until you have jumped over all the hurdles [...]


Daily Scrum Is Not A Status Meeting

‘I did this, I will do this, I have/have no impediment’. OK, next, ‘I did this, I will do this, I have/have no impediment’. OK, next……and the [...]


PMO Becomes Strategically Involved

In my last post, PMO Driving Servant Leadership I discussed how in this age of digital and Agile transformation, we need to evolve the Program Management Office (PMO) into a Servant Leadership [...]

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