“A Truthful Narrative, Not Fairytales” The Role of Personas and Journey Maps in Digital Transformation

In 2017, digital transformation efforts will continue to leverage social media and gamified user experiences, big data analytics and advanced search to create a more personalized, outside-in [...]


Software Continues to Eat the World

Here at Persistent, we talk a lot about the software-driven world. To us it seems obvious – the role of big data analytics combined with the easy-to-use interfaces we are now familiar with from [...]


“Life is more fun if you play games,” Roald Dahl

Famed children’s author Roald Dahl was onto something when he said this, and the new wave of smart cities is taking its lead from this concept too. There’s a certain pain and pleasure to city [...]


IoT and Big Data – Creating The Spine for Smart Cities

We were excited to see a recent announcement from entrepreneur, philanthropist and ex-major of New York City Mike Bloomberg’s Bloomberg Philanthropies, in collaboration with the Aspen Institute, [...]


Connect 30 IoT devices in 30 days? Now you can

Overcome your IoT implementation speed bumps with a Connect & Visualize Approach. Persistent Systems is a product engineering services company that has been in business for 25 years. Last [...]


Creating Persona-lized Experiences

How do organizations that have an incredible amount of online content, ensure that the experience that they provide to you is highly personal to you and make you feel that they really care about [...]


Tags – First (read: FAST) step to Discover, Explore and Enrich your Data Lake!

Have you faced these or similar situations? You decided to build a distributed data warehouse containing terabytes (TBs) of data. Data consumers are now asking for different insights and the [...]


First Among Equals

Data driven Politics The US Presidential election has the highest of stakes. And it is no wonder that technology plays an integral part in the game. Social data was billed as the winner of the [...]


Persistent is enabling Enterprise Transformation with Product Engineering DNA

A common question I get when I meet my friends is “What does Persistent do?” , so I thought of listing few links to share based on my knowledge. My role is specifically focused on [...]

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