A resolution for resolute solutions for Healthcare

Happy Holiday season to everyone! Like I’m sure most of you, I am wondering how the year shot by so quickly. And what an interesting year, for sure. Talk about time shooting by quickly… I’ve been [...]


Increasing Patient access and Patient Centeredness through Cognitive Search


The perfect storm of digital disruption at health systems

As I turned the corner and neared the point where I could look out at the Cape, I was greeted by the sight of the waves tossing small boats and the wind scattering the watery foam of the bay’s [...]


Digital healthcare: Should doctors learn to code?

The title of this blog suggests what many would consider as unreasonable. Doctors already spend years trying to become an expert at treating patients. I should know better than to suggest making [...]


Improving patient safety with digitally integrated healthcare

Need for integrated healthcare and better patient awareness As per a study done by John Hopkins University, medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the US after heart disease and [...]


Making Connected Healthcare Work

What does technology really cost? If you have ever bought a costly smartphone you would know that by the end of the day it definitely ends up costing more than the price you paid for the phone. [...]