“Humanoid Concierge Using Watson IoT” earns Persistent Systems an Innovation Award from IBM UKI Region

Nayan Kale, Associate Vice President with Persistent Systems, accepts the First Place Award in the Innovation category for “Humanoid Concierge Using Watson IoT” from Paul Brown, Vice President of [...]


Innovating At Warp Speed

With 2017 behind us, my 2020 high beams are revealing a blistering pace of change for business and information technology leaders in 2018. This pivotal year of digital transformation will [...]


If you’re over 40, get a mentor under 20… NOW!

I’m the luckiest guy around. I’m definitely over forty – in fact just last week I turned 51 – and not only do I have a mentor under 20, I have hundreds of them! More on that in a moment… A couple [...]


Connected Healthcare – More Ben Franklin, Fewer Benjamins!

Since the earliest days of the America republic, Health Care has been at the center of the national conversation.  Just think of founding father Benjamin Franklin exhorting “An apple a day helps [...]


Rice & Fish for Digital Business Innovation

Many of us know about Rice Fish Culture, which involves farmers introducing fish into their rice fields. This technique is good for both the fish and the rice. Safely hidden from birds, the fish [...]


1440 Minutes dedicated to Innovation by Appian COE

  Strengthen ties with partners. Show value to your customers. Energize and engage your employees. These are all key things that any successful company – or one that wants to be – has to do. [...]


The “Hackathon” strategy for Innovation!

One of the most famous and raucous scenes from the movie The Social Network, about the birth and rise of Facebook, is a hackathon, where fueled by youthful exuberance and, other things, a group [...]


The Software-Driven Business: The “How” of Digital Transformation

During a three-hour layover in Los Angeles on my way back home from a business meeting, in addition to the email, texting, and social media that is business as usual in this second decade of the [...]


Grab another Slice of Pizza with that Code

We love hackathons they’re the embodiment of the technology spirit of creating and tearing down and creating again to get to something great. This week we were the title sponsor for the [...]

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