A resolution for resolute solutions for Healthcare

Happy Holiday season to everyone! Like I’m sure most of you, I am wondering how the year shot by so quickly. And what an interesting year, for sure. Talk about time shooting by quickly… I’ve been [...]


Leading Digital Business Automation: New Forrester Report Gives us Something to Crow About!

Happy New Year! OK, OK, we come to the last day of the first month of the new year… January is over – how are your resolutions coming along? One of my resolutions is to engage more with all of [...]


Software Continues to Eat the World

Here at Persistent, we talk a lot about the software-driven world. To us it seems obvious – the role of big data analytics combined with the easy-to-use interfaces we are now familiar with from [...]


A New Kind of Commute – Data Architecture in the Cloud

Before I get into the technical aspects of this post, a quick observation about life in Pune. I grew up there and I love it. Not that long ago, the city was relatively small (by India standards) [...]


NextGen System demands NextGen System Development Capability

I was quite intrigued by software systems depicted in ‘Minority Report’ featuring Tom Cruise. In 2002, the tech world was coming to terms with dot-com bust. In those days, movies were showcasing [...]


For the Rules They Are A-Changing

Bob Dylan sang, “The times they are a changing.” The way business works is changing. That is familiar territory for all business leaders. However, this current crop of changes is dramatically [...]


“Helping people live longer, healthier and bring joy into our life” Dr. Rab, VP & CIO Hackensack University Medical

Wow. Thank you Dr. Rab, because I don’t think we can find a better way to describe the power of digital. In the last few months I’ve talked a lot about health care and the potential benefits that [...]


Software 4.0 in action! At last – the 360 degree view of patient engagement in the cloud!


Dream a little Dream…force…Dreamforce!

OK, I know over the years everyone has tortured to death plays on “dream” for Dreamforce… But I love an excuse to link this Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald song, so you’re welcome! Go ahead [...]


Innovation is in the air: Enterprise Digital Transformation (EDT) – Part II

I am back! It’s almost 2 months here at Persistent Systems and it feels like forever. As promised, continuing on my last post, I am excited to share my experience with 25 odd prospects and [...]

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