“A Truthful Narrative, Not Fairytales” The Role of Personas and Journey Maps in Digital Transformation

In 2017, digital transformation efforts will continue to leverage social media and gamified user experiences, big data analytics and advanced search to create a more personalized, outside-in [...]


YOUser Centricity

The ‘Object Oriented’ revolution driven by the UML (Unified Modeling Language) at the start of the 21st century (so, so long ago) first positioned people at the center of the software development [...]


Where Accessibility Meets Security

A high level of friction is an absolute life-saver when it comes to car brakes, but when dealing with sales, digital interaction and user experience, it brings everything to a grinding halt with [...]


Creating Persona-lized Experiences

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Count with Me: Eight Game-Changing Digital Technologies for Enterprise Transformation (Part 1 of 3)

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SameX: How Persistent creates United Experiences using Design Thinking

User experience. It’s something you may be hearing a lot now, and there’s a reason for that; it’s what’s differentiating companies who are embracing digital from those who are stuck in [...]


An End-to-End IoT Platform: The Parts that Make the Whole, Whole!

In our first post in this IoT series, we discussed how to design an Internet of Things (IoT) platform and that it is valuable only if it covers the end-to-end chain, the whole being greater than [...]