Hybrid Systems: The Antidote to the “Resistance to Change” Poison

You know that Digital Transformation explores smarter paths to better business. But what about “Resistance to change”? Is it an easy transition to a disruptive technology? Will it really make things simple or just complicate it? Find all the answers in this latest blog post by our Cloud Expert, David Peraza, who smoothly takes you through the journey of “Hybrid” and shows how it is the right antidote for your worries.

The Power of Digital Transformation on Communities

As a business, nothing gives you more satisfaction than when one of your customers wants to tell the world about what they’re doing with you. So we were thrilled with the chance to share this customer success story with you.

Elance-oDesk is reinventing the way people work.

As Garnor Morantes, Community and Education Manager, says

Being at work and having a place to work is not just about earning money and doing a job, it’s also about building relationships, and the community is a big part of that.

Today, more than 2 million businesses tap into Elance and oDesk to find, hire, and pay the world’s best freelancers, making it easier than ever to build successful companies and thriving careers. It’s a great example of the transformation taking place in the workplace and also a great example of how software is driving businesses.

Working with great partners like Lithium Technologies, we’re helping organizations around the world build great communities to achieve the “how” of their digital transformation.

Coffee, Coke, Candy, Coding

This weekend, hundreds of coders in locations around the world will be taking part in Persistent’s annual hackathon, Semicolons! And yes, lots of coffee, Coke, Candy (and even pizza and cake and …) will be consumed for energy as our teams work, literally, around the clock to come up with what they hope will be the next big application!

Hackathons, which originated in 1999 but gained wide-spread awareness in the movie The Social Network about Facebook, bring together computer programmers and others involved in software development in a timed competition to design from scratch new software products.

This year at Semicolons 28 teams in 8 locations in 5 countries around the world will be competing. This is the first year students in Ohio will be competing at our Columbus development center with teams from India, France, Malaysia and the UK.

We’ll have constant updates on our Facebook page and on Twitter, and we’ll be announcing the winners this weekend.

Let the games begin!

The How of Digital Transformation

We announced at the beginning of the year our new CTO Sid Chatterjee and he’s already sharing his thoughts on Digital Transformation and software-driven business:

During a three-hour layover in Los Angeles on my way back home from a business meeting, in addition to the email, texting, and social media that is business as usual in this second decade of the 21st century, I transacted business with an airline, my financial advisor, my company’s payroll provider, my auto repair shop, my pharmacy, and an on-line retailer. And (in the interest of productivity) I also prepared the bulk of my expense report for the trip. All without interacting with another person. All without opening up my laptop even once. All without even opening a browser on any of my mobile devices. All thanks to apps.

And I am probably nowhere close to being a cutting-edge consumer of today’s digital economy.

You can read the entire post on his LinkedIn site here.


Digital Transformation Helps Reduce Isolation for Those Affected by Mental Illness

Sometime’s the work we do has greater meaning that far exceeds the business value of a contract or completed project.

Today we’re genuinely excited to share with you a successful collaboration with Lithium to design and implement online communities for SANE Australia, a national non-governmental organization (NGO) conducting innovative programs and campaigns to help people affected by mental illness lead a better life.

You can read the press release here. These communities help both those suffering from mental health issues and those caring for them. People are able to talk, hear from others, share ideas, learn from others’ experiences so that they don’t have to feel like they’re going through life alone. For a country as geographically big and expansive as Australia, this really helps reduce the feeling of isolation and remoteness that many people feel.

These communities are hosted across multiple agencies in Australia, fostering an even greater sense of community and offering even more help.